How to Dominate the eSports Betting World

Unless you reside on Mars or live under a rock, you would know that virtual sports are a multi-billion dollar market. Gaming enthusiasts from across the globe are not just tuning into watch matches, but they are also gambling. Sports gambling sites have reported that their eSports markets are their fastest-growing product. Before you dive headfirst in and start placing your own bets, follow these 3 helpful tips:

Gamble At A Site With Extensive eSports Markets

The first step is to find a betting site that actually allows you to wager on eSports. While many sites have adapted to this gaming market, many are living in the stone age and don’t host these markets. You also need to ensure that your chosen site lets you wager on your favourite games. There is no point trying to wager on Counter-Strike or Fortnite if your bookmaker only lets you gamble on FIFA.

Know The Teams

If you are just a casual gaming fan or are just dipping your toes into the industry, you are unlikely to know any of the teams or players. Before putting your hard-earned money at risk, you need to become an expert in the competitors, luckily there are lots of easy-to-access resources to help you determine who you should gamble on.

To help you understand the different players and teams, you need to analyze their past performances. When two competitors you know are competing against each other, it is wise to check out the head-to-head data as past matches are useful for predicting future gaming contests.

One rookie mistake is wagering on a player just because they have more documented matches. There are lots of talented players who do not have public games on their record. This is why it is best to only gamble on matches where there is extensive data on both gamers.

Understand Your Options

When wagering on eSports, you can make a range of different types of bets, just like on other sports. You can wager on totals, match, result, handicaps and over/under. Before wagering, you should understand these common forms of bets on gaming and base your strategy around specializing in a particular style of gambling. Virtual sports bettors typically specialize in one  form of gambling. Many of the best virtual sports gamblers prefer handicap betting as they use their expert knowledge to generate sharper odds than the sportsbook.

Time To Make Bets

Once you have found a bookmaker with well-developed virtual sports markets, you know the major teams and understand the wager varieties, you are ready to make some bets! To increase your shot at winning, make sure you wager on a game you understand.