How To Gamble On UFC Events?

UFC features the world’s best mixed martial arts sportsmen. The UFC shows fights all throughout the year, so gamblers can always find great matches to wager on. Watching an amazing knockout or a brutal back and forth war is sure to get your adrenaline pumping, but a proven way to elevate your spectating experience is risking some money and placing a wager.

If you are a new MMA fan or a beginner gambler, not to worry, we are going to show you all the basics that will quickly turn you into a winner! 

The UFC betting basics

In MMA, two athletes compete against each other in a martial art competition where punches, kicks, knees, grappling, and submissions are legal. The sport blends striking, grappling and Jiu-Jitsu together to see who the most dominant combat athlete on the planet is. As an MMA gambler, your job is to correctly predict the outcome of the fight or a specific aspect of the competition. 

When putting a bet on, you will be presented with a host odds next to different sportsmen. These odds indicate how likely an event is to happen. If you can find incorrect odds, you can make big money by making a correct prediction. For example, if you find a match where a huge underdog is taking on a champion wrestler, and you know he always competes well against wrestlers, you can gamble on him to win and walk away with a juicy payout

UFC Betting Options

Variety is the name of the game when making UFC sports bets. Here are the common wager types.

Match Result

This is the easiest form of MMA sports wagering as you are simply choosing a winner. When selecting a winner, a bookmaker will provide odds in an effort to entice you to bet, known as the moneyline. Heavy favourites won’t pay out much, but a big underdog could fetch you 3:1 odds. When trying to predict the outcome of a match, remember to bet with your head and not just blindly choose your hometown fighter.


Round betting is where you try to predict how long the match will last. Bookmakers will typically turn this style of bet into an over/under where you can take a particular side. For example, if you bet the over on a fight going 1.5 rounds, you win if the match is still taking place after 1.5 rounds. If you love following knockout specialists, then betting on the under is often a smart wager.

Method of Victory

In this style of wager, you are trying to predict the end result of the fight. You can bet on the fight lasting the distance, ending in a submission or knockout. This type of gambler is super popular with punters as it gives them something extra to cheer for. MMA bettors enjoy betting on heavyweight fights to end via KO. 

Place A Bet

Thanks to our introductory piece on UFC betting, you now have all the knowledge you require to make some sports wagers. Check out the next UFC event and see if you spot any fights worth taking a gamble on.