What to Consider When Placing a Tennis Bet?

Tennis gambling isn’t as simple as choosing your favourite player and praying they win. You need to understand the player, take into account the odds, court surface, form and head-to-head record. 

Study the Athlete

You need to assess the overall sportsman’s skill level and study where they are strong and weak. It is also wise to consider things like injuries and their age. Aging players with niggling injuries are going to struggle to play their best deep into major tournaments.

Assess the Odds

It doesn’t matter if you are convinced a certain athlete is going to win. If the odds don’t support your wager, you shouldn’t place it. For example, is it worth betting on Nadal to beat a no-name player if the odds are 1.03:1? In short, odds bets the risk usually outweighs the rewards and makes the wager unappealing.

Before placing a bet, you should also shop around and check a variety of different gambling sites. You can often find better odds at certain sites, this is an easy way to increase your winnings and improve your risk/reward ratio.

Check the Head-To-Head Record

Before a match takes place, do a bit of digging into the head-to-head record of the two sportsmen. You might be surprised to find out that a highly ranked player struggles with a lower-tier player. In this scenario, it is worth it to bet some money on the underdog and take advantage of some long odds.

Analyze the Player’s Form

Even the best Tennis sportsmen go through career slumps. You should always study a player’s recent form as their previous 5 to 10 matches can usually give you a good indicator of how they are going to perform. The last thing you want to do is gamble heavily on a perceived favourite only to find out after you have placed the bet he has lost three matches in a row. A profitable wagering strategy is identifying world-class athletes who are currently struggling and wager against them.

Note the Court Surface

Tennis is unique to other sports in that matches take place on different styles of court. The main styles include hard, grass and clay. The court surface favours particular styles of tennis and can really influence the outcome of a match. For example, sportsmen with a big serve tend to excel on hard courts, while athletes with great topspin dominate the clay courts. Where an athlete grew up playing tennis also impacts their skill on certain courts as clay ones are popular in Spain and France while hard courts are common in America and Australia.

Before placing a bet on a tennis match, you should always confirm which surface the match is taking place on and then rate the player’s skills. For example, you would be crazy to bet against Nadal on a clay court, but maybe you would choose an underdog if the match was happening at Wimbledon on grass.

Make a Tennis Bet

Thanks to our tennis gambling guide, you know how to correctly assess a bet. Now it’s time to head over to the tennis markets and put our tips into practice. We know you will find some games worth gambling on!