Why Is Motorsport Wagering Great?

Motorsport features hundreds of different events from motorcycles, motor rallying to Formula 1 with extensive live betting options. Gamblers also benefit from great odds and dynamic markets that shift at a moment’s notice. Motorsport betting is perfect for established fans and those just getting introduced to the industry. Who doesn’t want to experience the thrill of placing a bet combined with the excitement of watching racers shoot around corners at break-neck speeds?

The best online gambling platforms allow users to bet on thousands of different races and have extensive live betting markets. It doesn’t matter if you enjoy bikes, rally cars or the biggest Formula 1 races. There is something for everyone in the motorsport markets. Let’s break down the basics to help you pick some winners!

Motorsport Gambling 101

Racing is all about the number of points drivers accumulate based on their final position when crossing the finish line. These points are accumulated over a season with the driver, with most points being declared the winner. A single race is broken down into laps, split and lap times and the race leaderboard. 

Which aspect you choose to focus on in motorsports betting is totally up to you. For example, when wagering on Formula 1, you might focus on markets dealing with most pit stops, slowest drivers based on lap times, finishing in the top 6 or who will win the overall title. With so much choice we are sure you will find a particular bet which suits your needs.

Betting Strategy Example

Placing a random bet on a race can provide a nice bit of excitement but let’s face it, we all want to win. To win, you are going to have to use a strategy. What about betting on an underdog to post the fastest lap time? Race leaders and drivers up the front often intentionally slow down to maintain their tires and limit pit stops in an effort to protect their position on the track. 

While race leaders are often cruising around the track, those that are stuck in the middle and slightly behind the top 2 or 3 are hammering down on the accelerator in an effort to move up the leaderboard. The result is these trailing vehicles will often post lap times which are much quicker than the leading drivers by sometimes seconds. Due to this unique circumstance betting on an underdog to post the fastest lap time can be an amazingly high-value bet where you can secure juicy odds and turn your weekly motorsport watching into a profitable event. 

Enhance Your Motorsport Experience

Now you know the basics of motorsport betting, make a bet on your favourite driver and take your motorsport spectating to the next level!